Enhancing the health and social wellbeing of children and young people living with HIV

Quality Standards

for promoting quality practice through quality standards.

CHIVA are committed to supporting the development of consistent quality practice in the health and social care services provided to children and their families living with HIV. CHIVA produce guidelines which ensure that knowledge about best practice concerned with the care of children with HIV is made available.

Quality standards support this development of best practice. They enable benchmarks to be set which organisations can use to measure, assess and develop their services against. They also support an outcomes based evaluation process, whereby organisations are increasingly expected to be able to assess and demonstrate the impact of their services.

CHIVA have completed work on different documents which refer to children's knowledge of their HIV.

The CHIVA position statement  'CHIVA statement: Children and HIV knowledge' expresses CHIVA’s current position concerning children’s knowledge about their HIV, and has been agreed by all members of the CHIVA executive committee.

The quality standard: 'Open and honest practice when working with children’ (which can be read here) was produced principally for professionals working with HIV positive children and their families outside of the health clinic setting.

It examines published materials and practice experience and sets out a framework of understanding in relation to children's knowledge of HIV.

The standard promotes professional practice with children which supports them having access to open and honest information about their HIV and encourages increased opportunities for children to have conversations about HIV. The standard includes aims and indicators as benchmarks which organisations can work towards meeting, at a ‘basic’ and more ‘developed’ practice level. The standard enables organisations to examine and assess their current practice around supporting children’s knowledge of their HIV and identify where practice can be improved.

Health professionals in particular should be directed to:

CHIVA practice guidance for health professionals on talking to children about health and HIV: conversations and approaches to enhance understanding and wider disclosure.

This guidance supports conversations with children about HIV to happen as early as possible. It considers approaches to these conversations and factors that influence successful communication with children as well as the process of building more understanding over time, and how obstacles to understanding may be overcome.