We know that Coronavirus COVID-19 is causing a lot of worries for people, we aim to provide information, guidance, support and reassurance during this challenging time. CHIVA have developed dedicated information for professionals, parents and young people on COVID-19 and HIV to provide updates on recommendations and evidence as received.


Enhancing the health and social wellbeing of children and young people living with HIV

HIV+ Family Member

So, you are not HIV positive but your brother or your sister is and one or both of your parents, and possibly other close family members too.

What is this like?

Your brother or sister has a virus that can make their lives more difficult. It probably means they have to go to hospital for check ups a few times a year.
Maybe they are ill sometimes and need to rest more than you do.
Because of this they may spend more time with your Mum/Dad or the people who care for you. They may get more attention because people worry about their health. They might take medication and this can make them feel ill too.

You might feel a mixture of things. Worried for them, but maybe a bit jealous because of the attention they get. Scared for everyone, but angry because you weren’t told about HIV straight away. Lots of young people like you feel all of these things.

It can be difficult for other children in the family when this happens, as you might not really understand HIV and also it can make you feel as if you are different.
It helps to understand HIV better which you can do through our HIV facts  area. You may also want to talk to someone, so you can look in the support section to see who you think would be best for you.