We know that Coronavirus COVID-19 is causing a lot of worries for people, we aim to provide information, guidance, support and reassurance during this challenging time. CHIVA have developed dedicated information for professionals, parents and young people on COVID-19 and HIV to provide updates on recommendations and evidence as received.


Enhancing the health and social wellbeing of children and young people living with HIV


Transition from children to adult services went smoothly as my children's doctor talked to me near to the time, which was just before my eighteenth birthday. I was allowed to meet my adult doctor who was patient and open to any questions I had about adult services. I felt grateful that my paediatric doctor made it clear to me that if I had worries about moving I should let him know. I really valued that I could talk to him or my paediatric nurse, who I still see here and there today, about moving to adult services. I can also talk with my adult doctor.

At 19, I was fully settled in adult services. My doctor started asking about me about my sexual health around the end of my first year attending the adult clinic. Overall, I felt the whole process went smoothly as I didn’t know what to expect and my paediatric doctor talked to me in a way which I could understand, as well as making sure that this was part of me growing up and making decisions for myself. Meeting my adult doctor before was a big help and meant we started building trust before I went to that clinic.