What’s been happening in phase two of the project

July 2022

Phase two of Positively Spoken is officially in full swing, which means we have started recruiting people who have grown up living with HIV from across the UK and have begun interviewing them in multiple locations throughout the year. 

We’ve had the opportunity to hold residential meet-ups across Southern England and the Midlands where we’ve invited participants to be interviewed in comfortable recording rooms, have breaks, and be provided accommodation to stay the night, and if needed, resume their interviews the following day. 

This way, we get a group of four people to be individually interviewed by four interviewers in separate rooms and we all come together for breaks and social time in the evening.

We spoke to one of our interviewers, M – who shared with us how they’ve been finding the first few months of the project.

“It’s been fun, definitely fun. [Before phase two] I did have an idea that I was gonna listen to a lot of people’s stories. But by doing each interview, you learn more information about how people process things and how our lives are so different – but we all end up in the same place sitting in the [same interviewing] room.”

We as a team have already had the honour of meeting so many people and had the chance to hear their untold stories come to life through their voices. We’ve just finished a residential trip this month where we were able to get some feedback from someone who we had interviewed. We asked Tia how she found being interviewed:

“It’s been very interesting. It’s been weird looking back and reflecting about your life when you haven’t thought about certain things in a long time, but at the same time it’s refreshing to reflect where I’ve come from and the journey of my life.”

We’ve learnt so much during the last few months through Positively Spoken and all the amazing people we have interviewed, and we cannot wait to learn more and add more stories to our archive. If you’re a young person who has grown up living with HIV and wish to be interviewed please get in touch: www.chiva.org.uk/positivelyspoken 

We cannot wait to hear from you!